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Bamboo cup

Bamboo cup


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Natural bamboo cup is safe, environmentally friendly, nice design, enough zise, ​​reasonable price, fast delivery.

Safety for the user:


Boil bamboo cup


Raw materials Egreen bamboo cups are purchased from rural households and made from An Ninh Tay farmers, Tuy An district of Phu Yen province. Born from the village of bamboo, our bamboo cup looked as rustic as the place where they were born. Through the hands of farmers, carpenters, cups made from bamboo become unique and attractive products, suitable for environmental lovers.

Especially Egreen's products DO NOT USE CHEMICALS should be safe for human health, friendly to the environment. Treated by boiling with a little salt and using coconut oil to lubricate mold and termite, customers are assured of the quality of our products

Natural bamboo cup, Nice design, many sizes for customers to choose:

Egreen bamboo cup has many different designs and designs for customers to choose. Include: cup of tea, wine with height of 6-7cm, diameter of 3 – 6cm; Type 2 used for drinking water, beer with a height of 10cm, diameter of 6-9cm; Type 3 uses vitamins, has a height of 13cm, diameter of 6-10cm. Fast delivery, enthusiastic service: Coming to Egreen, you will be served wholeheartedly and attentively by our staff. Fast delivery time

Friendly bamboo cupBamboo cup

Mẫu mã cốc tre

What do you think when many young people have demand and trend of using green and environmentally friendly products? Because you know, our Earth has suffered much damage from environmental pollution, due to plastic waste and other persistent waste. So why don't we change our daily routine so that Mother Nature will be less strenuous and also for our children to have a better living environment. Begin to change your daily routine with a safe bamboo cup.

Reasonable price:

Our company specializes in manufacturing bamboo products such as: cups made from natural bamboo trees of all ages, bamboo spoon and fork, patch of bamboo rice, etc., the price when coming to the customer company is not through a distributor.

Egreen's products

Dedicated service:

Our company puts the benefits of our customers first, so customers are assured of the quality of service of our staff. Customers can contact us via phone number: 093 501 5063, 098 5706 134, zalo: 0988107484



Customers can contact us via phone number: +8493 501 5063, 098 5706 134, zalo: +84988107484


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