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Bamboo ladles


Bamboo ladles


Made from bamboo, used to make rice, friendly to the environment, good for health

Combo 3 bamboo ladles: 20 – 25cm leght.

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Made from natural bamboo materials, through many stages from cutting bamboo,
 creating embryos, boiling with salt water, shaping, sanding, ... creating 
a bamboo ladles that customers uses


Natural bamboo ladles

Vá xới cơm tre an toàn

Made entirely by hand from a farmer’s hand in Xuan Phu village, An Ninh Tay commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. Our products are completely natural, do not use any preservatives, so please rest assured to use them. The friendly bamboo patch of EGREEN has 2 main elements that are beautiful and durable because we are fully handcrafted, every detail is worked hard by the craftsman.

High durability:

Our products are made entirely by hand crafted farmers in the countryside of An Ninh Tay, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province with their own talented hands, so the product has a bold text. Phu Yen rural culture. Our products can be used for a long time. Using our products, not only do you contribute to protecting the environment, but also help us create jobs for our workers, helping them improve their lives. Vá xới cơm tre bền đẹp

Appropriate price: 
Did you know that to make a bamboo ladle, a worker takes more than 30 minutes, 
a day makes about 10-15 such bamboo ladle, our price is absolutely reasonable.
 We are confident that you will be very pleased to see and use our products.

Fast delivery, enthusiastic service:

Coming to Egreen, you will be served wholeheartedly and attentively by our staff.

Fast delivery time

Customers can contact us by phone number: 093 501 5063; 098 5706 134, zalo: 0988 107 484.



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