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Set 3 bamboo basket

Set 3 bamboo basket


Made from bamboo
Experiencing many stages such as sun drying, split bamboo, knitting, …
Used for storing fruits and vegetables.
20cm, 25cm, 30cm diameter

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Made from natural bamboo materials, paid through a lot of stages such as nanotubes, cleavage,
 glazing, fire, knitting, ... to produce a beautiful and durable bamboo basket to customers.


Beautiful natural bamboo basket:

Unlike bamboo baskets that are widely sold in markets, bamboo basket of EGREEN has 2 main elements that are beautiful and durable. Because we use rattan to stabilize the rim and bottom. This creates a high aesthetic level for the product. In addition, the fire through the bamboo to help Egreen bamboo basket durable and termite termite.

Egreen bamboo basket is highly durable: our craft is handcrafted by the people with a long 
tradition of weaving in An Dinh countryside, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. bold cultural 
identity of Phu Yen rural. Our bamboo baskets can follow your lifetime. Using our products, 
you not only contribute to protecting the environment, but also help us create jobs for our 
employees, helping them improve their life.
Friendly bambo basket

Price is suitable:

Compared to a normal basket bought from the market, our products have a little higher price but in terms of durability and aesthetics are better. We dare say so. We believe that you will be very pleased to see and use our products. Bamboo basket

Fast delivery, enthusiastic service:

Coming to Egreen, you will be served wholeheartedly and attentively by our staff. Fast delivery time. Because we do not use any chemicals in the production and preservation of Egreen products. Every stage is handmade so you should use it regularly to limit mold. Customers can contact us by phone number: +8493 501 5063; 098 5706 134, zalo: +84988 107 484




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