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Set 5 bamboo straws with inscriptions

Set 5 bamboo straws with inscriptions


Made from bamboo trees aged 5-7 years in the central provinces of Vietnam.
Fully manual production, environmentally friendly, good for health.
20cm long
diameter from 5 to 13mm
Use milk tea, coffee, orange juice, …

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Bamboo straws are handcrafted from bamboo, the material is taken from the central provinces of
 Vietnam. Go through many different stages to create a finished straw.

Environmental friendly:

Easily biodegradable, environmentally friendly is the advantage of bamboo straws. In addition, it can be used many times, limiting waste in landfills. Using of plastic straws instead.

bamboo drinking straw

Textured bamboo drinking straw:

You can engrave letters or logos on the product. Really unique and meaningful? So we do not own a product that is both impressive and can protect the environment like that?

textured bamboo drinking straw


After using you use coconut fiber brush to clean bamboo straw, dry it and reuse it many times. This helps you save costs and be safe for your health and the environment.

Bamboo drinking straw for juce

Full size:

bamboo straw

We have many sizes: for milk, juice and for milk tea,… with diameter 4 – 13mm, 20cm lenght.

Bamboo drinking straws production process:

Bamboo material


You can pay via Paypal (via email lethitram@qnu.edu.vn)

Contac with our by: mobile phone: +84935015063, zalo: +84988107484.


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